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2015-09-08 5:10 AM
(This was actually written in early June 2012)

This game took me quite a while to complete. To be more accurate, about one and a half years. Obviously I didn't like this game very much. It's kind of a shame, because the game had a lot of potential, even disregarding the awesome artworks and concepts of its early development. In general it does a lot well, sometimes even very well, but then it also does a lot of things wrong. horribly wrong at times. While I thought that the gameplay was, on average, good, the enjoyment it was supposed to deliver was still pushed aside by issues that really shouldn't be in a game of this time and age anymore. Like an awful camera which consistently refuses to show you what you want to see, making almost every battle a bother and ruining many otherwise enjoyable platforming challenges. That's one issue out of three. Another problem I have found with this game is that it plays way too straightforward. Over the course of the whole game, the gameplay is nearly consistently the same and never changes. To make things worse the same goes for the art - as the whole game looks about the same. I'm not talking about a coherent art style here, but about how the game uses the same colour palette for pretty much each and every stage. Of course there's some variety, but it's not much. I think this problem might also be because the grim artstyle also doesn't fit a light-hearted platformer which doesn't allow for much atmosphere. With things like that it's very hard to be kept entertained for 10+ hours when it's really just the same content over and over again. What's left then is a bunch of out of place sidequests, asking you to stay around for a while longer to spend some more time being annoyed by the lousy camera or being bored by the monotone visuals and sounds.
All that aside I should probably mention what the game does well, if not very well: proper platforming. And it's quite simple too. Mickey can jump pretty much anywhere without being restricted by invisible walls. It really could have been a great game, if only it had a bearable camera and either a more engaging atmosphere or more diversity in the arts department. The way it is I can hardly recommend this game. Might be worth a rent though.
Let's hope they can keep what's good about this game and iron out all its problems for the sequel.
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