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Results for "Wii U" (27)
BayonettaSystem: Wii U
Bayonetta 2System: Wii U
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeSystem: Wii U
FAST Racing NEOSystem: Wii U
Freedom PlanetSystem: Wii U
Hyrule WarriorsSystem: Wii U
Mario Kart 8System: Wii U
Mario Tennis: Ultra SmashSystem: Wii U
NES RemixSystem: Wii U
New Super Luigi USystem: Wii U
New Super Mario Bros. USystem: Wii U
Nintendo LandSystem: Wii U
Pikmin 3System: Wii U
Pokken TournamentSystem: Wii U
Project Zero: Maiden of Black WaterSystem: Wii U
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedSystem: Wii U
Sonic Boom: Rise of LyricSystem: Wii U
Sonic: Lost WorldSystem: Wii U
Star Fox GuardSystem: Wii U
Star Fox ZeroSystem: Wii U
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