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Disney Epic Mickey -> Mixed Feelings
Rating: 5 / 10
(This was actually written in early June 2012)

This game took me quite a while to complete. To be more accurate, about one and a half years. Obviously I didn't like this game very much. It's kind of a shame, because the game had a lot of potential, even disregarding the awesome artworks and concepts of its early development. In general it does a lot well, sometimes even very...
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse -> Unfortunately a bit of a disappointment
Rating: 7 / 10
So I borrowed Dragonball Xenoverse and played it a bit with a friend last night. We enjoyed playing the PS2 Budokai Tenkaichi games in versus mode and wanted to see if Xenoverse is anything like those games. Turned out we couldn't just go and check out the multiplayer right off the bat, because local versus mode is locked behind a good hour of solo content. And the game doesn't notify yo...