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Game Page: Harvest Moon

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Game Information
Title Harvest Moon
Other Titles Ranch Story
System Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre Simulation, Roleplaying
Developer Pack-In-Video
Release (US) In 1997 by Natsume
Release (EU) In 1998 by Nintendo
User Rating 10
Favorites 0
Owners 1
The first installment of the long running videogame series of Harvest Moon was one of the first videogames that combined simple simulation gameplay basics with role playing elements. You are a young farmer who starts living on a rundown ranch near a small village. Everyday you have to care for your crops and animals, while also visiting the village and becoming friends with the citizens. After two years time, your actions are evaluated by a neutral critic, so you have to do your best to get your ranch back on track and live a fulfilling life.
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