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Game Page: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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Game Information
Title Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
System PlayStation 2
Genre Action-adventure
Developer Konami, Kojima Productions
Release (US) In 2004 by Konami
Release (EU) In 2005 by Konami
Release (JP) In 2004 by Konami
User Rating 10
Favorites 1
Owners 2
In 1964, a CIA agent with the codename "Naked Snake" is send to the jungle of Tselinoyarsk in Soviet territory. His mission is to gather information on the newly developed nuclear-equipped tank called "Shagohod" and rescue its creator, the soviet scientist Sokolov, who is willingly defecting to the US.

MGS 3: Snake Eater takes the franchise's stealth action gameplay to another level. Instead of sneaking around in modern facilities, hiding in air shafts or lockers, Naked Snake has to use the jungle environment surrounding him for not being spotted by the enemy. He has to blend in by using different camouflages and suits. Another new gameplay device is Snake's stamina gauge. To survive, Snake has to hunt down animals and eat them.
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