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Game Page: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

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Game Information
Title Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
System GameCube
Remake of Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)
Genre Action-adventure
Developer Silicon Knights, Konami
Release (US) In 2004 by Konami
Release (EU) In 2004 by Konami
Release (JP) In 2004 by Konami
User Rating 8.5
Favorites 0
Owners 2
Nuclear weapons disposal facility Shadow Moses, a remote island near Alaska, is taken over by a genetic enhanced group of soldiers, former members of special unit FOXHOUND. They threaten the US government with launching a nuke if the biologic remains of the legendary soldier Big Boss are not handed over to them. Specialist in infiltrating and stealth missions Solid Snake is forced out of retirement to enter Shadow Moses, neutralize the threat and rescue important hostages.

MGS: The Twin Snakes is a remake of the classic stealth action game Metal Gear Solid. The graphics were updated, some cutscenes were visually remastered and there are some new options in terms of gameplay, for example the first person perspective enabled for precise shooting. Basically, Snake has to sneak through different areas always trying not to be seen by the enemy. For that purpose, he can crawl on the ground, hide behind objects and even put to sleep or kill his his opponents using different weapons. If discovered, Snake has to find a safe place to hide from the increasing enemy forces until the alarm phase gets back to normal status.
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