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Game Page: Catherine

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Game Information
Title Catherine
System PlayStation 3
Genre Puzzle, Platforming, Survival horror
Developer Atlus Persona Team
Release (US) In 2011 by Atlus
Release (EU) In 2012 by Deep Silver
Release (JP) In 2011 by Atlus
User Rating 10
Favorites 0
Owners 2
The only thing Vincent Brooks wanted, was for everything to stay like it is. But life does not leave him alone - his girlfriend Katherine suddenly starts talking about marriage and changing their relationship - one of his friends dies without logical cause - he suffers from insomnia because of scary nightmares in which he has to scale an unknown tower and face gruesome horrors - and there's also this strange girl following him around... her name is Catherine.

Catherine features innovative puzzle gameplay sequences in which the player's goal is to scale a giant tower in a number of stages before the time is up or before he is killed by the enumorous deathtraps along the way. To climb upwards, you have to move around cubic blocks with which stairways can be build.
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