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Game Page: Tsukihime

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Game Information
Title Tsukihime
Other Titles 月姫, Lunar Princess
System PC
Genre Visual novel
Developer Type-Moon
Release (JP) In 2000 by Type-Moon
User Rating 9
Favorites 0
Owners 1
After years of exile, young highschool student Tohno Shiki returns to his family household after the death of his father. The old mansion holds many mysteries, as Shiki discovers the dark secrets of the past together with his little sister Akiha and the two housemaids Hisui and Kohaku.
At school, his schoolmates Arihiko, Satsuki and Ciel help him through his daily life filled with sudden seizures of anemia that strike him every now and then.
Suffering from mysterious and grotesque nightmares during these fits, Shiki also encounters a young woman dressed in white by the strange name of Arcueid. A young woman with an obscure connection to a series of murders committed in town.
And there's also the wicked and dangerous ability Shiki obtained from a strange woman when he was just a child...

Typical Visual Novel gameplay. There are choices in the game which can lead to sudden Game Overs, determine the outcome of critical situations and change the development of the story based on several routes.
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