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Game Page: Shuffle!

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Game Information
Title Shuffle!
Other Titles シャッフル!
System PC
Genre Visual novel
Developer Navel
Release (US) In 2004 by Navel
Release (JP) In 2004 by MangaGamer
User Rating 6
Favorites 0
Owners 1
Rin Tsuchimi is in big trouble - When he was young, he became friends with two girls, Lisianthus and Nerine. They swore they'd stay best friends forever, but after leaving them that day, he never met them again. Now, as a highschooler, he finds out that both Lisianthus and Nerine were none other than the daughter of God and Satan, who are both eager to find a successor. As Lis and Rine suddenly enter his highschool life again, both their fathers try to convince Rin to marry one of them and become the successor as Heaven's or Hell's ruler.

Typical visual novel gameplay. There are some choices and multiple possible character routes and endings included.
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