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Game Page: Minecraft

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Game Information
Title Minecraft
System PC
Genre Sandbox RPG, Adventure
Developer Mojang Specifications
Release (US) In 2010 by Mojang Specifications
Release (EU) In 2010 by Mojang Specifications
Release (JP) In 2010 by Mojang Specifications
User Rating 9
Favorites 1
Owners 1
Minecraft has two currently available variants, Beta and Classic, both with single-player and multiplayer options. Classic is the earliest free version and initially featured only creative game mode with only building (block placement and removal) aspects of the game and unlimited block supply. The Classic was then split into single-player survival mode (referred to as "Survival Mode Test"), which contained monsters and a much greater variety of blocks and items available, as well as requiring players to mine their own blocks. As of Beta release, only creative Classic mode version 0.3 is available in single-player and multiplayer modes.

Classic survival mode served as the base for development of single-player free Indev ("In Development"), and later non-free Infdev ("Infinite Development") versions, each expanding the number of features. Indev and Infdev was later replaced by the non-free Alpha variant which continued to add features to the game, including multiplayer mode. As of December 20, 2010 the game entered into Beta, which is currently the latest release of Minecraft. It includes music by Daniel "C418" Rosenfeld.[5] For multiplayer games, servers are currently hosted by individual players or groups; there are no "official" Minecraft servers yet.
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