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Game Page: Star Fox 64

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Game Information
Title Star Fox 64
Other Titles Lylat Wars
System Nintendo 64
Genre Rail shooter
Developer Nintendo
Release (US) In 1997 by Nintendo
Release (EU) In 1997 by Nintendo
Release (JP) In 1997 by Nintendo
User Rating 9.6
Favorites 2
Owners 5
Star Fox 64 adapts the original Star Fox's story, adding further details on how the Lylat Wars began. Years before the outbreak of the Lylat Wars, a group of mercenaries called "Star Fox", lead by James McCloud, is sent to planet Venom to investigate mysterious incidents there. Only Peppy Hare, another member of the team, is able to return alive. Years later, evil scientist Andross declares war on the Lylat System, launching his enormous fleet from Venom. James McCloud's son Fox, now leader of a new Star Fox team, is sent to Venom once again, to defeat the ursurper and save the Lylat system.
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